Miami Pride is an annual event held in Miami, Florida, that celebrates and supports the LGBTQ community.

It plays a significant role in promoting inclusivity, equality, and acceptance for LGBTQ individuals in the city and beyond.

We are thrilled to announce there’s a big success of our recent event in Miami, and we are grateful for all of you supporting our brand from Taiwan.

It was heartwarming to see that so many people excited about our chest binders and the satisfaction after you trying them on.

In fact, some have even said that they finally found a perfect binder.

All of these positive responses are the greatest accomplishment for our brand and products, reinforcing customer’s confidence.

During the preparation, it’s not so easy.

After more than half a year of negotiations, organizing events abroad turned out to be quite challenging, including communication, insurance, and the intricacies of the application process.

Post-pandemic airfares soared to unprecedented heights, doubling the cost and necessitating connecting flights to Miami, with no direct options available.

Combined with meticulous preparations, the total expenditure for this business trip amounted to 250,000-300,000. Nevertheless, we garnered invaluable experiences.

Moving forward, we plan to expand our market and continue promoting our brand.

Thanks Miami beach pride for giving us this opportunity to attend. As the only foreign vendor at the event, we are proud of representing our country and showcasing our products to the world.

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