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Successful event in Maimi in April, 2023: first overseas exhibition

Miami Pride is an annual event held in Miami, Florida, that celebrates and supports the LGBTQ community. It plays a significant role in promoting inclusivity, equality, and acceptance for LGBTQ individuals in the city and beyond. We are thrilled to announce there’s a big success of our recent event in Miami, and we are grateful …

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We’re here in Italy on March, 2023! Find us in Libreria Antigone

Due to asking, the binder from Heroine.Chest Binder can now available in Italy !!! – Libreria Antigone is a renowned bookstore located in Rome, Italy, known for its commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and LGBTQ rights. As we aim to provide the LGBTQ community with not only a wide selection of LGBTQ clothing but also access …

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Heroine.Trans binder was invited to visit Thailand's largest LGBTQ organization in 2022

The Kloset has long been known as Thailand's most renowned LGBTQ organization, where LGBTQ individuals come together to have fun, sing, play musical instruments, chat, and hang out. We enjoy the environment there. Everyone set aside their work and responsibilities, and we started playing music together. The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter as we …

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3 Reasons for Choosing right Chest Binders for Exercise

3 Reasons for Choosing right Chest Binders for Exercise 1. Durable Materials: Sports chest binders are made from high-quality materials that can withstand rigorous physical activity. Chest binders are designed to provide long-lasting performance and durability, ensuring they hold up well during intense workouts. The sturdy construction of these binders ensures they maintain their shape …

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Free Yourself from Gender Dysphoria: Choose the Right Chest Binder and Embrace Yourself!

  Have you ever felt dysphoria? 1. What is Gender dysphoria? Gender dysphoria is a common emotional distress that can leave individuals feeling helpless and disheartened. 'But don't despair!' We offer a solution that will help you regain confidence and discover your authentic self. 2. How to deminish this feeling?  Wearing the right chest binder can …

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Separating Facts from Myths about How Chest Binders Affect Your Look.

Debunking Myths about Wearing a Binder!   Do you have any question about wearing chest binder then cause appearance issue? Let us tell you more!   Myth 1: Does wearing a binder make your breasts smaller? Wearing a binder can only create a neutral appearance, making it visually similar to having a flat chest. It …

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