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NEW COLOR of our chest binder!"NUDE" for you

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The definition of Heroine, is a girl or woman of outstanding courage, nobility, or of heroic achievements.


HEROINE.HH CHEST BINDER  was founded in 2013 in cooperation with home improvement stores and supermarkets which made it easier for people to discover our products.



The founder of HEROINE.HH CHEST BINDER is lesbian, and she noted that finding a chest binder was not easy at that time, and that's why HEROINE.HH CHEST BINDER started.
We hope our customers who wear our products can have the POWER to show your true self and become a Heroine in your own life.



Our philosophy is the customer is always first and we do our best to provide the best service possible. 



Heroine is now a famous brand in
Taiwan, but we will not stop making
improvements with you in mind as
we move toward international brand.