Debunking Myths about Wearing a Binder!


Do you have any question about wearing chest binder then cause appearance issue?

Let us tell you more!


Myth 1: Does wearing a binder make your breasts smaller?

Wearing a binder can only create a neutral appearance, making it visually similar to having a flat chest. It does not actually reduce breast size.

It is more likely that binders have a less effective effect on redistributing breast fat compared to bras, which may give the impression of smaller breasts.


Myth 2: Does wearing a binder cause side breast?

The cause of side breasts is when breast fat is pushed towards the sides, resulting in a lack of concentration.

Therefore, if you purchase a poorly fitting binder that doesn't provide proper breast concentration or if the binder becomes loose over time, it will lead to the development of side breasts.

To avoid purchasing ill-fitting binders, it's best to try them on at a binder store. Don't be shy!


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